Life After Divorce in this New Year

The new year is a time to make decisions about our lives. May I suggest that you take a decision that gives you the power to make decisions? Choose New Year. The ability to choose consciously is one of the strongest qualities for our humans. The choice is ours and alone with us. Decide to live this precious life as a happy person. Get the latest Happy New Year Pictures

We have heard all the stories about knowledge that reveal itself at the end of life. You hear, "I wish I hadn't taken things so seriously," "I wish I would laugh more with my children," I wish I had traveled more, "" I wish there were people in my life. It's not about the things that overwhelm and worry you, but about the things that make you smile: time with friends and family, a day at the beach, a wonderful birthday party, our little ones. Walking out on the bed together, laughing. , Good food, amazing cultural events, loving pets, deep and meaningful things ... you have an idea?

I doubt you say at your death, "I wish I had been trapped in my pain and suffering." For free you can choose how you want to live the rest of your life. First, we choose happiness and then we start accepting behaviors that make us happy and fulfilled. The choice is simple; Commitment to being true to your purpose is a bit more difficult.

Here are some tips on how to live a happy life:

Stop opposing what you have and leave life as you think. Living in a fast flowing river and trying to swim against the flow is both tiring and painful. You can die even if you try to fight the natural flow of this river. Swimming against the current keeps you at this one point. Imagine what it would be like to resist a river and stop running along it? It is not only painless, it takes you to new places, which you would never have seen if you had failed in your attempts to resist reality.

Stop resisting the flow of your life and join. I promise you that all kinds of new opportunities and possibilities will open up for you.

- Be aware. As you spend your day, you need to be aware of your lifetime and approach to life. Notice how you see things: looking for what's wrong or what's right. Are you always looking for more or are you satisfied and grateful for what you have? Are you serious too Do you think life is hard and let it happen in whatever you do?

Commit to the perspective of the life that serves you. Are you committed to needing all your attention. Where we focus, our attention will increase. It is possible to change it.

- Do not depend on circumstances to make you happy. Life is constantly changing. Things happen. Just look at your life and you will see that it is true. If you, like your job, depend on the circumstances of your life to be happy, prepare yourself. Being happy is a state. Christmas Pictures It is about your interior and not the exterior. If you can only be happy, if everything goes to your taste, then you are in trouble, because it is not the real form of life. You and your circumstances do not determine your happiness.

This does not mean that you will not be affected by the bad things happening to you… you will come. But then you can understand how to handle the situation so that you can recover and be happy again.

Take the case of a strong CEO. He has fully identified with his professional circumstances, but when his business is taken over and fired, he is devastated and lost. Who is that now? One CEO is lost, but the other is recovering quickly. What is the difference? Your internal state.

- Gratitude. Pay attention to everything you do. See what is right in life and compare it to everyone you think is wrong. Thank you diary.

- Let the fear go. Fear is about future uncertainty and no one can predict or know the future. We do not have enough information about the future to be afraid or pessimistic. Try a perspective that says everything will work well.

- Do things that make you happy. Do not delay the fun. Time for fun Not only does this work and no game makes Johnny boring, it also makes him crap! go out and play. List the things you like to do. Reconnect with your passion. Do it What are you waiting for?

- Light. Recently I was sitting with my daughter and she showed me a video she made for a friend. I said that the song he was singing was not in his key. He looked at me and said, "Gosh Ma, why do you have to take everything so seriously?" This was 100% correct.

- Our time is limited. This is true. We are born and then we die and what we do in the middle is called life. You have the choice of control and power over your life. You can decide how you want to live your life, even if life causes you some bumpy places. Christmas GIF Images Then this is what makes a difference in the way we run life. Do not wait until your death to get that feeling.

- Every day brings a different opportunity to rotate things and pick up new ones. Try to experience each day for a full day. Praise beautiful things like a beach walk or beautiful sunset. The dying people have always wanted that… to have another look at the sea or the stars.

- Stop comparing. We get into this habit and feel lethargic. Even the richest man in the world is jealous of what he lacks. Maybe it is his form or his health. otherwise also. Comparisons create feelings of displeasure and "lack". If you need to compare yourself to someone, try the person who suffers from AIDS. You need to be happy.

- Stop waiting for something to happen. If I get this job, if I remarry, if I buy a house. Now you live here Often you are still not, if you find what you like. Again, it is about the internal state of your being.

- Acknowledge that there is life. The real nature of life is ups and downs, good and bad, joy and sorrow. If you are expecting a ride that is good for nothing, then you are in the wrong amusement park! If you only hope for the good in life, you will feel disappointed, angry and unhappy.

You are a completely unique person who will never repeat himself in human history. To the best of my knowledge, you will get it once. The truth is that how you want to live this life depends on you. It is your choice and yours alone. Happy new year and beyond!

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